God’s Cooking

I think God works more like a crock pot than a microwave.

When you cook with a crock pot, you put in some base ingredients and let them cook slowly over the course of time. You let the juices of the ingredients mingle together and slowly absorb into the vegetables and meat and beans and whatever else you throw in there. Occasionally, you may open it briefly to add a new ingredient during the process.

But by and large, you give it everything it needs, then you apply heat and you wait. It simmers and slowly swirls around, enhancing flavor and texture over the course of a half a day.

A microwave? It just makes things really hot, really fast.

You can cook stuff in the microwave, sure. But it’s not going to taste anywhere near as good as the crockpot. Also, you’ll have to do a lot of preparation before the microwave if you want stuff to come out tasty in the end. The microwave doesn’t do anything to enhance flavor, and not a whole lot to enhance texture unless you get it ready for that intense burst of heat.

Crock pot cooking doesn’t need a lot of preparation. You just put the right ingredients in and close the lid.

We live in a microwave society. We want it all and we want it now. If I want chili, I don’t want it in 4 hours, I want it in 10 minutes. So I’m going to open a can of slop and nuke it.  It’s not very good, but it’s good enough…I guess.

I don’t think God is a “good enough” God. He does it the right way instead of the easy way.  He’s willing to take a longer process to get a better result.

God once told me ‘be more worried about who you are than where you are’. The journey, the process isn’t an inconvenience to him. It’s just as (if not more) important than the end result.

I read “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” by Donald Miller this week and it really opened my eyes to this. God is telling a story in our lives. If you went to a movie and it was over in 5 minutes, you’d be ticked. If I said “But you saw the results!”, it wouldn’t satisfy you. You go to a movie to see the story start, and develop and then finish. You’re paying to go on a journey, not just to arrive at a destination.

So as you simmer and stew sometimes in life, don’t try to force God to rush. Half stewed potatoes aren’t very good. 

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